70 x 7: a Concept

Seventy times seven.
A concept that sounds so easy but it not.
How am I supposed to forgive those who have wronged me?
Those that used words to hurt me,
leaving scars that I hide with a smile and a laugh.
They are not even sorry.
Seventy times seven.
Be like Jesus, but I am not Jesus. I am Me.
The anger inside is consuming me, burning me
yet I'm so used to it that after a while I couldn't feel it
Seventy times seven.
I can take it no more.I must forgive.
Not for them but for me.
I need this. I need to heal.
And in the ashes of the fire, a new me will arise
Happy, strong and whole
Like a phoenix.
So I forgive them and I forgive myself.
Seventy times seven.

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