719363 today 2/11/13 3:35pm

I don't expect you to like my work
I don't have a computer so you don't like that
I don't have a degree; but you don't care; I failed at art. YOU
like to steal
If that is the case; you don't do much yourself; fake commercials
fake ideas; fake name.

I don't use other peoples ideas in my work;and if I repeat myself
that is my business isn't it
But you don't want that to fit anything; but I like 10.5
You want to lie about that too?
I don't expect you to know because you do not care
I don't expect you to be on my side because I do
not believe in nazis,facist,communist,socialisms
They murdered abit too much

So with that note I am taking a coffee break

America; this might be new here; but God Bless You

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