I hope that when I am old
really, really horribly old
I am able to reminisce the times
the firsts, the worst's
the bests, and the lasts
The first dates, and heartbreaks
the salty summer trips,
feel the music through my hips,
and warm coffee pressed against my lips
The 2 week flings
and all the rebellious things.
I want to really, really feel the oceans breeze
and cold winters freeze.
I want to taste the cheap midnight Mickey D's
and savor the "rich people" teas.
In that exact moment I look back,
I want to be with someone (anyone) who's willing to listen,
listen to the over told hardships and friendships,
the screw ups and turn ups.
I want to a share a moment with someone
who is as fond of the past as I will always be
No matter how horrible, or how it may stun
I know it will always help remind me
That the saddest thing
the saddest, most horrible thing
is watching someone old, so horribly old
Walk alone with hundreds of memories untold.

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