I am child number 8 out of 10 children.7 brothers and 2 sisters and yes from the same Mrs and Mr.
Number 9 is my twin brother, fraternal not identical but the same non the less.
Bubby is the oldest then there is Randy, Roy,Pam and John, Julie Brian, Me, Gary and finally Mark.
It was kaotic growing up you can probably imagine.So many characters under one roof.
I'm surprised my mom didn't drink or do drugs, thank goodness for that because we needed her hugs.
It was hard for sure but I would never trade them for a million dollars,boy we could make mom holler.
I miss those times with my siblings, some don't speak or visit anymore.
After Mom passed it was like a slamming door, mom was the glue that held it together, with her being gone that glue weathered.
I am guilty myself and am sad that it happened, I miss so much I just wish we would keep in touch.
I love you guys with all my heart and am truly sorry we fell apart.
There is always tomorrow that we can reach out. You know me I'm always here forever and a day,
Love Theresa and can't wait to say hey!

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