#9 Dream-Guest starring Whitman

Do you remember the Dylan album I kept in the basement?
The one that I only listened to on rainy nights when you'd say
gone on Holliday and jumped on the latest Coltrane
which is still the worst joke I've ever heard

And do you remember the photograph with the brunette in the red
smoking her cigarette?
I think she was a brunette
perhaps her color has faded along with my memory
but she was sitting behind Bobby
and he was leaning on one arm with his harmonica in the other
You mentioned a look of disdain and apathy coming from his eyes
and mouth
I thought he had a cold.

And no, I meant nothing to that
For the truth is I wanted to be Dylan
cold and all
and if not a musical mind at least an equal writing partner.
I wanted to be able to put my motions on paper
and dream in nine minute overtures about war and peace
and Woody Guthrie.
How I wanted to be the essence of cool
How I wanted to meet someone new.
And meet myself in a new perspective
to watch the world look into
newly sharpened coal.

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