9/11: America’s Tragedy

It's that time of year again
When I walk up to the place
Where two magnificent towers once stood so tall, necks would crane
They had basked in the sunlight with elegance and grace

Then, an evil cloud came over the skyline
It devoured the grace, the beauty, and the elegance
It demolished the magnificence and the shine

That despicable cloud stole the bright light of several lives
And caused sorrow and strife among all
American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175
Oh, on that fateful day they took a serious fall

Almost 3,000 lives were claimed
By that abhorrent cloud of fire
But everyday that event remained
In the hearts of the American people, now inspired

As people walk past that street
That years ago was full of anguish and agony
They eventually meet
Two beams of steel welded together in harmony
And they are filled with emotions from the head to the feet

The events of 9/11 no longer haunt us
But remind us that America is strong
And anything is possible with faith and trust

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