96 Years

Old, old, mean, mean, complaining:
Everything hurts, hair gone, teeth falling out,
Sleeping every chance...

Romance? Gone, long gone-
Friends, family, husbands, wives, gone so long.

I'm here, I hurt, I want to cry,
But no one's left to listen.

Let me die, let me go,
To join the people I invested in,

To be here, to love me,
To get me through until my end.

I'm alone, so lonely, left alone,
To live all by myself, so I get mean, complain.

Nothing's the same. I liked it,
I want it back the way it was.

Young, full head of hair, red lips, sweet smile,
Back straight, high heels, eyes sparkle-
Looking forward...

Now, looking back, no future to claim.
So . I complain.

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