Math class — integrals
Alas, my mind is asking: what’s really integral?

Solving functions looking like f of x
Mind in dysfunction, leaving me perplexed

If life’s a function, what are my limits?
Trying to derive some meaning about us
Math has rules, but life has no instructions
Is my upper limit concrete or infinite?
To reach my potential, do I be me, or whose methods must I mimic?

I am a function, can’t figure myself out
I’m thinking you’re my limit - what’s that about?

What’s the equation of love?
Labrinth said, “My algebra don’t equal you everytime”
So screw the equal signs
But then “why” must I look to be greater than your “ex”
When only our slopes matter
If we lean in different directions [unequal] - we’d intersect, at one point
Where you can be mine, and I can be yours

Even if we’re parallel, we can pass through that hell
Because sometimes two lines we think we see
are actually curves that meet again.

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