Insatiable Love

With such a dulcet, mellifluous
Sound vibrating through the walls of her soul
She listened as the baritone of his words pressed against her cheek
Absorbing every word penetrating her as he spoke
Feeling as though he was a moiety of herself whenever she’d speak
She was young and completely, utterly ingénue
Taking in all he was teaching her in the ways of love he knew
Her heart pounded and her cheeks grew flush and showed the coloring
Of an efflorescence flower; blooming to its full peak
She felt as though she was drowning in delicious waves completely
Consuming and overwhelming her finding it hard to focus
She was intoxicated, dizzy with the heat of his breath and the taste of his lips
Afraid to let go; holding on as though in the middle of the ocean in a rocking ship
As they arrived at the end of their consummation, where their strength was spent
Lying next to one another, breaths scarcely intact he gazed her way
Smiled, pulled her back close to him as he took her to bay and set sail again.

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