A 2019 Woman

By J   

When I was little, I had no cares
I sat in the dirt and played with worms
Every once in a while I would do my hair
And global issues were none of my concern

But now I know since I’m a woman
There’s bigger things that leave a mess
And all the power is given to the man
Now the issues are on the way I dress

I’m not allowed to receive some care
and everything is now so humorous,
Because the only people who are ever there
Are the ones who make the laws, without a uterus

If you’re ever assaulted or even raped
Or if you don’t have the financial means,
You have to smile and put on a pretty face
Because abortions are illegal and as a woman, you can’t cause a scene

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This Poems Story

As a woman in today's society, new laws are passed that continuously suppress women's rights.