A Baby Sister's Love

It's through her older siblings
A baby sister learns who she is.
She watches you closely,
Imitating your every move.
From you, she learns to express herself,
To be competitive in this world, to move through life.
She knows how to please your parents,
For she is the favorite.
Apple of her mother's eyes,
Forever Daddy's little girl.
But to you, baby sis is a spoiled brat,
A tag-a-long who gets in your way.
She annoys you beyond belief,
Working your very last nerve.
As the years go by,
She stops following you around.
She's in constant search of her own path,
Distancing herself from your shadow.
She tries her best to fill your shoes,
Being careful not to walk directly in your footsteps.
Of this I am sure you are aware.
But what you may not know
Is that your baby sister is your greatest admirer.
From the moment she meets you,
She aspires to be like you.
She seeks your approval,
Desperate to reinvent herself.
No longer a baby,
She wants you to see her clear.

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