A Bad Day

Some days I wake up and the air feels heavy,
Like it is weighing me down, I’m stuck.
Its inside my lungs, stinging my chest,
It feels like I’ve swallowed a brick.
I can’t breathe.

It pushes down on my arms,
Straps me where I am like a strait jacket,
Makes me feel the madness inside as I try,
But no matter what I do,
I can’t move.

It pushes down on my throat,
Fills it up with a burning sensation,
Like I have swallowed a match that’s alight,
I’m choking in confusion,
I can’t speak.

It pushes down on my gut,
Until I feel both hungry and nauseous,
It makes my stomach twist and turn,
Like a gymnast winning gold,
I can’t eat.

The pain is pushing down on me.
I can’t survive.

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