A Bad Heart

Remember that old saying, “Love will find a way”?
Well, sometimes Love gets lost and gives up on you.
Like Daddy going to the gas station when you were five.
Sometimes, Love just says “Sorry, pal. It’s not for you.”
Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s not.
Nonetheless, I was born with a Bad Heart.
No, I do not have a pacemaker or a heart rate of 12 beats.
Love just isn’t an option for me.
It’s like that real expensive bottle of liquor on the shelf that will never get used.
It hides in the shadows, gaining dust and taking space.
A Bad Heart doesn’t mean I can’t feel anything
Trust me, I feel it all, if not more.
But, it just won’t let me grasp the bottle and take that first sip.
Maybe, Love didn’t get lost.
Maybe, Love is just taking a detour around the construction.
Maybe, Love isn’t for me after all.
Maybe, there’s another Bad Heart out there for me to Love.
I mean, “Love will find a way,” right?

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