A Bad Poem About Sex & Marriage

One day I pondered, while walking my baby in carriage.
What is it that makes love and marriage.
Is it the joining of male and female.
Is it the pleasuring of each others genitalia.
Can love and marriage be two separate things.
Can love and marriage be two people loving to swing.
I know I love my partner, my wife. I am a man.
She is a woman. Together we created a little person, a new life.
I have a good friend, a man is he.
I love him and share with him, but no sex between we.
Sex feels good. I love it I know.
But marriage and friendship are two different ships on the go.
My wife too is my friend, but what we share is different
than what with my male friend.
My wife and I share what my male friend and I can not.
We share our DNA. Half from me. Half from my wife.
And one plus one makes one brand new little child.
A child who grows up to know both his parents all the while.
I guess one can borrow from someone else.
But it is not the same as owning your own.
So I say love and marriage is better original than communal grown.
Same-sex marriage be all the rage.
But it will never be a real marriage.
It is merely a mirage of the day.

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