A Battle With The Mirror

Starring at a mirror, what do you see?
A reflection looking back at me.
In my mind, I pick out flaws.
Little insecurities.
Why do you do that to yourself? Why are you so mean?
Is it because you don't like what you see?
You don't like the image in the mirror looking back at you?
If you don't love yourself, no one will love you;
You'll always be beating yourself up trying to be perfect;
Confidence is the key to success!
Words I often hear from other people.
Things I should tell myself more often.
Accept who you are, or you'll just be denying yourself;
From the freedom of a piece of mind and a confident smile.
Oh that's nothing, society always ends up judging you.
It's like a constant battle to figure out what's right.
See I kind of like myself, I'm sorta pretty.
But nothing's prettier than skinny models.
Thin waist and long legs.
Porcelain skin and pretty eyes.
I'm not that, I could never be.
But in the end, I always see.
The reflection that's supposed to be me.
And whether or not I choose to accept it.
It's me , it's me , it's me.

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