A Beast

Cold and numb I place my hand to the mirror,
Filled with disgust at the sight I've become,
Age has tortured me with all hardships,
I cannot go back to what I was before,
Staring at the cold gaze in front of me,
I realize loss of soul has left me tainted,
Wishing for a moments peace to come,
Feeling nothing but the filth of my own skin,
I want to rip it from me to start again,
The truth hurts that the child is gone,
A man stands before me filled with hate,
This feeling has consumed me to insanity,
Loss of innocents taken for granted,
Living a lie from which I cannot recover,
Deceiving my way through this world,
Hope is gone as is the person I was,
No rest from this I am the beast,
An inhuman beast in human form,
Wanting to inflict my pain on everyone.

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