A Beautiful Day in Ashes

A Beautiful Day in Ashes

A beautiful autumn day

Colorful leaves following the brisk morning wind

Morning sun shining its bright yellow color

And birds singing their song

A beautiful day in a beautiful world

Ferry boat crossing the big blue bay

To work in the towers they all go

The twins just ahead standing tall side by side

And in an instant my beautiful world has changed

Changed into something unexplainable, unthinkable

Planes coming from nowhere and yet coming from everywhere

Crash, a shake one can never forget

Ferry boat just short of sinking

Water fills to dark cold ash

Terror filled eyes gazing forward

Planes crash into the bright tall twins

Twins hiding behind a wall of smoke

Smoke surrounds us like a warm blanket on a cold winter day

Silence and Shock fills the ferry boat

Eyes attached to the scene unfolded

What to do no one knows

This can’t be happening

2,996 killed and more injured

Firefighters, paramedics, workers in the twins all injured in a way

Scarred for every moment of their lives they will be

For every second of their short yet meaningful lives

All those people and for what?

For revenge?

For suffering?

We may never know why

This act has hurt us as one, as one United

As the United States of America

Twins come down crashing next to each other

Seconds feel like hours, going by slowly

Smoke and ash coming up

My beautiful autumn day

Gone up in smoke

As gone as the twins

My World goes black as the ash around me

Goodbye to my beautiful autumn day

Goodbye to the colored leaves and the songs of the birds

Goodbye to the two tall twins

Who would stand tall and pear over my head

Goodbye to my beautiful World and all it contains
Here I leave my mark

That nothing like this should ever occur on the face of this earth

And that eyes should not gaze in terror once again

But to beauty and nature

Admiring my big beautiful world

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