A Beautiful Disaster

Open your eyes:
The world is spinning,
Your life is ever changing.
People you meet, sounds you hear, smells that fill the air
They help you to discover the beauty of the world.
With every breath you take, move forward,
Never thinking of the last breath you took
As it is already gone.

Open your soul.
Let people see your beautiful mind,
Trusting them not to destroy all that you have built
And trusting yourself not to let them when they try.
Speak, don't talk, as talk is cheap.
Impress those around you with what you know
Without preaching the things you don't.
Always be ready to just sit back; listen and learn
Because everyone you meet will teach you.

Open up your life.
Let others come in, but not without thought.
Never let your guard down.
Be comfortable, but never trust; be happy, but never foolish.
Tempt fate, by making your own decisions,
And speak your mind without fear:
The only person who can judge you is you.

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