A Beautiful Mind

What really happens to a Beautiful Mind
When it plays out because of time
A Beautiful Mind that skips around because of age
Like words in a book without a page
In the beginning you don't recognize the tell-tale signs
Of a once useful mind that's now benign
It's like water that tries to roll uphill
A mind that comes and goes at will
Stories being told that you know are not true
But you listen anyway because the storyteller is dear to you

What really happens to a Beautiful Mind
Disappearing slowly because sometimes our aged bodies are not so kind
As Alzheimer's causes you to struggle day by day
You hope that Beautiful Mind still functions and never goes away
And as you look over a life well lived
You treasure the integrity and values in us that they have instilled
Realizing that we are not our money, social status, houses or a car
It's our minds that makes us who we are
And when you think that Beautiful Mind is gone
Just look into a mirror and know it's still going strong
You are a reflection of that Beautiful Mind that's now gone wild
Because you are that Beautiful Mind's beloved child
So always remember that you are caring for a star
A Beautiful Mind that made you who you are

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