A Beautiful Phenomenon

My life had a lugubrious atmoshphere to it, a desolate one as well.
Something was absent from my life,
But I could not figure out what was missing.
Perhaps it was technology, but not even the adrenaline sports posses
Could fill the hole that was deep inside my abyss of a heart.
I breathed in an air that was only detrimental.
My lungs need something more, something more potent to give me life,
To give me meaning.
As all seemed futile,
A precious light blinded me.
A beautiful phenomenon, so unique in every possible way.
Suddenly, the desolate part of me, the lugubrious atmosphere
All evaporated in a silent manner,
But the boisterous love was present.
My abyss of a heart
Was now complete and engulfed with love.
That light gave my heart and life a meaning.

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