A Beautiful Somewhere

I observed outside my windowpane in contemplation while marveling at the nature between the radiant sunray, and the blooming myrtle. My coffee was brewing in the French press I've owned for as long as I could remember. The view of the garden gave me the impression of a pastel dream, some melancholy longing for some forgotten reminiscence. The lake donned lily pads like brocade. The gossamer blades of grass sparkled with dew that fell like crystalline tears. Diaphanous clouds drifted lazily across a rose painted sky. The ambiance of it all caught my breath. With the steady hum of the cicadas mingled with the resonance of the hummingbird perched on the dogwood tree, I was utterly transfixed.  I sat down with my steaming ceramic cup, and the world fell away to that autumnal dawn all those years ago. It was ephemeral, just like every moment. You always appear to me as a silhouette. The memory never quite tangible, as if I knew that you would be transitory like everything else I have ever known. I get up in a trance and let myself be led outside, where I am immersed in a world of color and sound. The wind begins to move, and I am moved by the wind.

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