A Beautiful Soul

She sheds tears for sunsets
as if made of broken glass,
as the light shines through the pieces of her soul.
Ten years gone astray, yet memory flickers
fresh as dew on morning grass,
what could have been, and what is now both take their toll.
The seed of sadness gently sewn
into the fertile ground of time gone by,
watered by the rains of her remorse.
What grow up from this sacred ground
no wealth or primrose path could ever buy,
who this woman was and shall become will now divorce.
With desert far behind her,
an oasis now in sight,
she falls upon her knees and this she prays
"God in heaven, how I thank thee,
for the love that ends this night,
for this love that shall burn bright for al my days."
"You forgave me long ago
before any transgression had been done,
and through your grace, what once was broken has been made whole."
"I shall follow you forever,
into your arms of mercy will i run,
as your light shines ever brighter in my soul."

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