A Beauty Inside

It matters not how you may appear,
Whether short in height or quite large in ear.
All that counts is the state of your inward soul;
If it lives to shine, if its love is whole.

Perhaps you aren't quite what they call a belle;
to fellows, no beaut, to gals, not a swell.
You might not be blond, or have sapphire eyes;
It's possible you aren't a preferable size!
But in God's eyes, it's your soul that's worth,
If you make a difference upon the earth.
Your looks do not matter, be you thin or wide:
It's all about a beauty inside.

For me myself, I'm tall and thin.
A wrestling match I could never win!
My nose is large and my hair a mane;
Perhaps folks think I look insane.

But praise the Lord, He lives in me,
And grace of heart I pray He'll see.
No sneers about me need affect.
'Tis work God does to me perfect.
For in His eyes, my soul has worth,
Be I of wealth, or dingy dearth.
My looks do not matter, be I thin or wide:
It's all about a beauty inside.

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