A Beauty so True and Unique like No Other

A Beauty so True and Unique Like No Other

I mixed the milk in as I put the lid on the coffee.
Grabbing a pen I looked up and was stunned at what I was fortunate enough to witness.
A beautiful caramel skinned girl with long black hair had given me the gift of perspective.
You see it's not the pen itself, but is what the pen inscribes.
"What's your name?", I questioned; beyond perplexed that a woman of her beauty would even breathe the same air as I.
"Amela", she answered looking down showing she was shy ; yet insecure.
Her perfect, long into the night,black hair sat perfectly on her shoulders.
Her sea like eyes; vast and never ending, sparkled off the fluorescent light that was so un natural like her Beauty, for she was a flower...

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