A Bedtime Story

I'm a big girl now,I'm almost four.
I don't want to hear the stories you've read me before.
I'm not interested in princes called Charming,
Tell me instead about ogres alarming,
And nights in the wild wood with animals baying,
While above, the west wind sets the branches a-swaying.
I want to hear about monsters most scary
And wicked old witches with warts that are hairy.
Read me a story about dark moonless nights
When the shadows beyond hide hideous frights.
I'll have no princesses in palaces grand,
Tell me of wizards with wands in their hand,
Who put dire curses on innocent folk
And then disappear with a wave of their cloak.
But I'm still only three so make the story end well
With all of the baddies locked up in a cell.
Then leave the light on and I'll hide in my bed:
I'll be safe when I've got the sheets over my head!

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