A Beggar’s Dream

And there I stood
Trying to hear what was no longer audible
The words caught between your teeth
I was reaching out
Hoping that, miraculously, the words would become tangible
And I could feel them
Hold them in my hands and know it's true
So that we could revert back to our former selves
Revert back to the time when our love was simple
And unspoken words weren't needed
When our future was bright-eyed
And sprinkled with hope
But that future - our present
Isn't gleaming as we had imagined
It's covered in the thick fog of
All the lies we breathed out -
Released into this undeserving atmosphere
It's cloaked in the notion of
Every wrong, every retaliation,
Every burden we must carry on our backs forever
It's stained with the
Blood of every crushed dream
Like a child who never quite reached his full potential
We are living in the consequence

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