A Big Deal

The many flimsy pieces of plastic makes me wonder,
What's the big deal?
But it IS a big deal
For humanity revolves around them like we do our sun
Because plastic equals more happiness, equals more life.
So we willingly confine ourselves to offices, computers
Allowing workloads and layoffs to shred our sanity!
We rush home on the highway from the office each night
Oh, dear headlights leading the path!
Only to prioritize a pen over the son's handmade card
Because every extra hour by the lamp brings more bills!
But we wrongly assume there would always be tomorrow
To appreciate the paper snowflakes upon the fridge
And the children, what will they know?
Nothing but the same slammed door and to keep QUIET!
Because daddy's working. Daddy's always working.
And to someday follow, in daddy's footsteps.
Raised to beat others for luxuries, pride and dignity!
But what about the world we were destined to live in?
Competing for even larger mansions, even faster devices
Motivating ourselves to work harder, sit even longer
But soon, all our children will leave the family tree
Never looking back at their loss, what they never had.
And one day, when we have a headful of white hair
We will look to the barren land outside and wonder,
What was the big deal?

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