A Black Butterfly

I am a butterfly

An insect that metamorphoses from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally to an adult; a butterfly

Can I fly? Maybe not! But I have wings. Wings purposely architectured for locomotion through pickles

My unusual background and personage lends me a tailored perspective, one that has been of appreciable help to many

I am a liver - not an organ but a survivor, destined for constant transfiguration of form and circumstances. Yet, I live.My beauty wows all.Many say I'm fortunate to have the sweetest and best things.Maybe nectar?

Many definitely overlook the fact that I fly to the plants containing nectar even when they're fifty miles away.I may be seemingly slow-paced, but not never frail

I flitter among flowers, dancing to nature's orchestra, in jubilation of my conscientious and resilient self.Sometimes, to appease my soul

When I meet my folks at breakfast, lunch or supper, we synchronize movements, and then circle and spin, forming knot patterns in the air.Bonds of togetherness, equality and equity that we'll carry to our graves

In our numbers, our enchanting looks devour even the grotesque

We delineate beauty, joy, peace and unity

I represent the never ending cycle of life, growth and perseverance

I am a butterfly; a black butterfly.

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