A Black Snake

A black snake came into my house today
-and why, I'll never know
He announced himself uninvitedly
crossed directly into my stratisphere
and told me his intentions
When I replied that his visit
was most unwelcome at the time
he scoffed
and hissed.
He said, I can tell through
your speech and your demeanor
that somewhere in your life
you have come to fear me
And since fear is forever linked with power
and power forever linked with tyranny
I shall take my advantages
(concave as they are)
and use them wisely.

Today a black snake entered my house
and declared himself king
and though I choose not to serve
The fear I felt would not allow me to object
but only comply
to his royal demands
A black snake emerged
and took root in all the slender
aspects of society's volatile grip
on moral consciousness-
and I at my best, could do nothing more
than scoff
and remain pedantic in my misfortune
Thinking of thoughts that never were
And kings I will never see

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