A Blessing To Soothe My Heart

The pain from my past that has me shed so many tears,
Hoping to find some peace in my heart all these years;
But nothing can make up for this pain it's too late,
Those who wish they knew their father can relate;
My dad and I did not have a relationship or know one another,
Because we didn't communicate like a son and father;
I tried and wanted desperately to get close to my dad,
But being raised and taught by a father I never had;
It eats me up inside the pain I felt not being wanted,
Up until now I thought my heart will always be haunted;
But the blessing of my own son has soothed my heart,
We have a special closeness even when we are apart;
My son shows me how special I am to him,
And I'll never not be there or not be a good dad for him;
I have learned from my father's unfixable mistakes,
And will do anything to keep my son by my heart whatever it takes;
My son and daughter are special and mean everything to me,
They are all I live and they are all I need;
Marcus and Marina I love you kids always remember,
Your daddy's going to be there for you I promise forever!

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