A Blessing

Soft smooth snow
when falls silently from the sky,
the white world wonders
"why is it so cold?"
the white world wishes
the season to get old.
Big blossoms bloom
when the wintry snow melts away
Sun, as young as a newborn,
gives the start to a new day.
The heavenly world wishes
the sun to go away.
Straight sunlight shines
when the blooms give away,
The dry world curses
the earth to cry again.
Sad as the sunless sea
the waves rise and gain.
Raindrops roll down the windows
when the gods above cry,
cry over the changed world
As changed as the clouds in the night sky.
Brown leaves fall in the fall
and when their time ends,
they go up in smoke, once and for all
leaving behind the branches
as lonely as a cloud.
Again the season cycle begins
it never stops like the flying time,
even so, the complaining world
as selfish as a fox,
will never get the precious gift ;
A blessing by mother earth, wasted...

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