A Blind World

We try so hard every day to survive,
A life that seems like its all a divide.
Not one thing goes completely well,
Till another breaks and someone fell.
Im not saying we are lazy,
But the conspiracies are becoming kinda racy.
Im not one to see the flaws,
But this nation has some pretty jacked up laws.
And yet here i am young and reckless,
Still trying to tell myself, "forget this!"
Maybe if our fears became reality,
It would change this insane mentality.
What could it hurt for a few cut throats,
Everyone locked in a bubble waiting for God above.
Then again here we all are standing here looking more at the bad,
When really you'd think good would over power, it's really sad.
One thing leads to another,
Guess thats why so many young girls are becoming
The USA is over weight,
Because of all the big macs they seem to have ate.
Wrong and wrong do not make right,
But you people are calling these fights?!
No one sees the small mistakes,
That could be fixed if only people would breathe and wait.
Its not hard to look at the world and see the big picture,
Guess everyone is so used to disobeying procedure.
Look outside that small compact box,
You'll see life isn't all that bad, it kinda rocks!

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