A Blind World

My pencil against the pages of my journal slowly
becomes an addiction
Craving the flow of thoughts and emotions pouring
onto paper
Being torn apart as the real world waves a hand in
your face
Bringing you back to reality
Day by day
Turning the music on a little louder
Washing out the world
Falling asleep becomes less and less easy
As deafening silence brings agony only a song can heal
Daydreams are syrupy sweet honey
That you could eat forever
Before the bitter aftertaste
The hollow emptiness you think can only be filled
By shallow happiness
When will the world wake up
And see the universe for what it is
Hobbies are addictions in disguise
Silence is actually suffering
Humans are all flesh and bone
Mistakes are perfection in the making
And appearance is a lie
My life is forever crumbling
Being destroyed by everything that holds it together
Because the world is blind

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