A Book with Empty Pages

I'm still holding onto what I know will never grow
But although my heart is empty
I can't seem to let you go
We are broken, left and right
A million miles away, but closer than I'd like
You and I have fallen too hard to words we've never said
To things we've never done
Carrying a book with empty pages
Holding a story no one else will ever know
But although the ground is shaking, and the earth feels cold
Although my fears are growing
Over these feelings I no longer control
I'll keep holding onto our book with empty pages
And pay no attention to how little the world knows
We are as different as night and day
At times, our differences have scared me away
But despite my reasoning mind
My foolish heart runs back to you every time
And it's days like this when rain is pouring and the skies are gray
That I think of you and wish you were by my side
Like I believed you would some day
Wherever you are and wherever you go
I hope you'll look back and remember the story we each hold
A book with empty pages, saying much more than our lips ever could

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