A bored lonesome 16 year old. (p.s. I know the poem is terrible)

I miss the time when life was enjoyable
I miss when life wasnt like clockwork
The days as a kid were so unimaginable
The shielded truth caused our fun
Amongst our lives we all were one

Why did the glory days go away
We all just wanted an escape
Every accomplishment is capatilistic
Every accomplishmment benefits to their success
Why cant we all enjoy the world we were birthed upon?
The earths beauty is seen by few
The humans dancing as they sway there arms and legs
The light that glistens in the sky
Sometimes original is nice
The deep insecurities to each their own

I miss the time life was enjoyable
The time when books were more powerful than movies
I miss when human rights werent political
I miss the penny candy
I miss a time that never existed

This is the beggining of the end
Our due date is paste due
The smiles on our face will vanish
Hell will await for us
The beauty in a sin is never forgiving
There was no greater time then the suffering

The selfish entitlement amongst us
The need
The wants
So long legends.

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