A Boy Who Dared to Dream

I don't want to fight back
I just lost between so many tracks
I'm standing with all my faults and lacks
I was strong enough but now my head is going to crack
In this complicated world I'm feeling so lonely
In this sophisticated society everybody blames me so badly
Life becomes heavier without a full stop
I can't control my onerous mind stop
My throat is paining by my accumulated tears
No one can see me cause I have so many smiling layers
In this cruel world I don't understand my place
I want to somewhere, where there's no one for my trace
All emotions are falling day by day
Stop throwing your words I'm not just a clay
I'm sorry but I don't want to be your pray
You threw me in a isolated island, I want to be free
I miss my mom,who used to scold me
In this limitless sky I just want to fly
If you dare me to stop , just give a try

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