A Breath Of Fresh Neon

He would lay underneath
and she would just simply let go
it was hot and refreshing
and made him feel alive
the salt would burn his eyes
his blood boiled blue
pulse throbbing
feeling wild with feverous passion
ready to jump up and take it
ready to break her face, smash her skull
she would return the favor
cutting deep gashes into the webbing of his toes
sucking the blood from his feet
like the end of a melted cherry freeze pop
shoving inanimate objects deep inside of him
and him to her
and after they would cum
reaching that point together
they would go out
steal strangers pets to murder and hang
using tire thumpers to bash the skull in
the crashing and shattering of bone matter
would make them excited all over again
and in one great flame
they would burn the remaining rag-doll bodies
the stench of singed fur and domesticated skin
would stink in the wind
and they would never sleep better.

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