A Broken Silhouette

I can feel the shadow trailing closely behind.
I'm alone in the world, but not in my mind.
The darkness capers by my side,
If the shadow is seeking where can I hide?
Two phantom hands, both lacking hue;
Wrap around my neck and turn me blue.
Suffocated by all the things I've done-
If I get the chance, I swear I'll run.
I am forced to acknowledge the shadow's presence,
I was found guilty and got a lifelong sentence.
I have been imprisoned by a shadow's wrath;
If only I had taken a darker path.
There are no shadows in the absence of light,
Had I stayed in the dark, I'd be alright.
The sun's rays hug my silhouette,
And display a darkness that I regret.
I did not intend on being so disturbed,
By some bad decisions and a few choice words.
I will leave this place and go far, far away,
From this nightmare on to a better day.

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