A Brothers Screamin Demon

The voice that awoke a piece of mind
The one that knows no time, a friend thats blind
A form of good inside, the one thing she could never find
Take your time, sit inside, no more needles, no more lies
The second it hits, the moment it closes your eyes
The feeling you get, the surprise, not the same as a birth arrives
More like a chance at saving a life, Maybe this time
The bottom is rock, the journey is made, time to go your chosen way
Through the limbo maze or the weight of the world
Way to much to choose for mommy's little girl
Before we awake the chance is delayed
Our little girl is never safe, wandering out late
A vampire's addiction that controls the host
Not to drink blood but to poke holes
Fill her veins with a devilish dose
Off to hell where they all go, with reasons no one knows
I'm still here you were never told, a boulder you can hold
Satan sent me back with more control, never will I let you go
To long you thought it was only on you, but the vampire bit me too
Fallen angels and the depths of hell, storys i will never tell
Trust me I wont let you fail

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