A Buck

By JennB   

We are drowning in everyone’s chatter. We wade into the mire and muck.
If i had a dollar for the opinions that matter, I’d maybe have a buck.
When did it become more important, to be heard and be seen,
To require so much attention, to not be part of a team?
We value noise and conflict, crave controversy and war.
We’ve forgotten how to listen, and dismiss wisdom as being a bore.
We act as if it’s our gift to the world spouting off how we feel.
“See! Look what I gave you. You know that’s a really big deal?”
We focus on ourselves, so certain that we are right.
We like to hear ourselves talk and we argue just for spite.
“What do you mean wait my turn? I shouldn’t have to pay my dues?
I don’t have time to listen, to your lame point of view.”
“Opinions are a dime a dozen—but mine I’ll give you for free.”
We fling our words around, handing them out for all to see.

But I’ve got a crazy idea—a real unconventional plan.
What if we quit looking out for ourselves, and helped our fellow man?
Imagine if we sat and listened to what the other had to say.
What if we learned compromise, made that the buzzword of the day.
Imagine if we showed compassion, practiced mercy and grace.
Stopped tooting our own horns, and running the rat race.
I know, it seems kind of silly, old fashioned, or out of style,
But the world would look very different, if we’d drop the egos for awhile.
Throw love around like we do words, stop worrying what others say.
Put our words into actions, before the good is all washed away.
Opinions might not be worth much money, but love is priceless and rare.
It never goes down in value, so spread that around if you dare.
It’d be better than drowning in all the clatter, wading in the mire and muck.
We might change the world for the better, with just a little luck.

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Throw some love around like confetti. Think more before you speak.