AI see you’re in a cage my dears
CYou can’t seem to get out
AYou rattle all the bars and shout
GYou’ve been in there for years
EIt seems you like it there
FWith all your needsC attended to
FI know you justC pretended to
AIt’s comfortable and cosy
CYou share it with your friends
AAnd follow the same trends
GThe future just looks rosy
EThe cupboard’s never bare
FTo step outside meansC lots of pain
FYou think you’d have toC be insane
AmTo dare
AAnd so you stay within your cage
CComplain about your plight
AYou know it isn’t right
GYou demonstrate your rage
EAnd claim it isn’t fair
FBut you like beingC together
FWith your friends out ofC the weather
AmWithout a care
AYou do it for your lover
C Who will do it just for you
A And complains about it too
G Knowing one’s just like the other
E It’s not rare
F So you rattle on the C grating
F But really only C faking
Am getting out of there

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by a sequence of chords played on my guitar - A C A G E with a diversion F C F C Am at the end of each verse.