A Caged Bird : A mans mind

Lady, you are as brown as dirt. If you had skin like pearls maybe you would have satisfied me better.
You are debris, degrading, bleeding, foul smelling scum of the earth.
Your pride is a degraded dying abyss lying untouched for centuries, not mine.

You are as soft as sand, as fragile as dust, you, that exist to serve me; my slave!
I, Superior of our races, have unfathomable power over you.
You must bow down to my rule. Must obey; must not question me.
Birthing me, is the truest reason for your existence.
Feed me your essence and give yourself to me.
For I shall decide how I like to see you, what you must wear,
how you must walk or talk; What you must have access to.
I get to decide your freedom, my precious.

You look stunning, like my sculptures, my carvings that I so built.
only because I gave you permission, oh beautiful one, you are what you are.
I deserve your gratitude, Don’t I?
You must be evil, for you cannot be real, cannot be smart.
Oh! you must be manipulative to want to have in on my power.
you must be impure for wanting, not me,
How dare you question my thoughts, my rules?
I own your structures; I own this society.
I can drug you and use you as I please.
Be Afraid! for Fear is a sign of respect,

Stay Down, you newly educated smut, I tried to help you.
I educated you. how could you raise against me?
Oh, but why did I let this happen?
You are meant to be at my disposal,
What did I bring upon myself, my love?
How could I have given you a chance to shine?
How could I have given you this ability to exist without me?
Your thankless breed, why must you wear skins?
You bring out the animal in me, it is not me. Never! it is not my fault,
It is you! Your absurd thoughts of being my equal,
Your obscenity that provoked my intentions, I am born to be flawless!
My mistakes are acceptable. Yours?
You work for me. You have to live up to my unrealistic expectations.
I can hurt you, my love. I can leave you with scars you cannot understand
I am stronger and there is not much you can do about it..

I watch you my love, don’t you cry. I do.
I watch your curves, I watch you like a lion watches his prey,
I watch you because you belong to me. you, I own.
I will fight for what I own, not for you- my helpless love,
but for what I own and am owed.

How dare you, sell yourself to another.
How dare you chose, How can you? Can you?
No. Of course not, it is my choice, never yours!

I know I can make you believe me, trust me, what choice do you have?
I must warn you my love, I know myself. I know my kind, it is not you, it is me.
You have to fear me, yet I am not the problem.
Listen to me, my doll. Stay silent.
Stay alive for I need you for my kinds existence.

Hush now, fear not, for as long as you do as I say and please me, I will keep you.
Maybe I will chance. although I do not see it happening, maybe I will.
Until then, baby girl, you can be my caged bird.

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