A Caged Lament

When the window opens
My heart feels the slight tug
Of the wind, forever pulling
Pulling me out of doors
And into the blinding gleam
Of the unforgiving sun
When the sun hits through the blinds
I see a kaleidoscope
Displaying the bright, vivid colors
Of the world I want to join
And those who await me there
And when the night falls
Pulling a dark curtain over me
I see a series of lamps
Asking me to dance among them
And though the rain does fall
It falls in such a way
That the puddles are missing me
Wishing I’d leap into them
As I did when I was young
But I am clothed in cowardice
And I am bathed in self control
Because the sun is too bright
And the wind only pushes
Entrapping me in a cage of flesh

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