A Call Home

Communication is free
God is speaking with you
A tree trunk with ten million rings
Has seen everything change
God grew it to the tallest over the ages
He whispers, “I’ll be here always”
The tree is a believer
Blending God into Mother Nature
A mistress to all His children
He calls to her blanket of growth with Love
Telling the trees and everything else to come on up
Your mess is mine
He says to her
She trusts Him to take care of this crazy jungle
He has been on this Earth
As long as she has, if not longer
Together they dance
With the population of us humans
Together the two go on
Rumbling quietly like ghosts
They are not of this World
A Spirit going over us
Trying to paint a road map
To the Heavens at last
The trees scream to you
Saying, “this way, this way”
Pointing up
The trees are pointing to not only God, but the Heavens as well

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