A Canticle with love

We were the best of enemies
The worst of friendships
Had zero amnesty, you and I.
And yet, we played pieces and bits
In each others' lives, the times were sweet
Must have been too crazy, you and I.
Two years long, we were a whirlwind
More like stars shooting with a glint.
I never got to know how and when
Things got cold and slipped downhill.
I'm thinking out loud in my old cubicle
While I'm scribbling with love, this canticle.

Last night, I saw you at the restaurant
Beaming with love, arms around your girl.
Wishing I can go back in time
When we'd been to 8th Day Café, you and I
In solitude, behind the Christmas tree
We met after months, we were happy and free.
Coz you were far away and we had a long distance.
Long hour calls and late night texts
All we got for so many days
Wondering how it started to decline
When we were doing just fine, you and I.

Canticle's still on the way
I'm thinking of your awesome ways
How you gave me paperbacks on Valentine's Day
The brown pages still have your scent.
As I have those perfumes you gave me on birthdays
On my old costumes, empty bottles still gracing my forlorn bedroom.
Young at hearts, your raving nights
Rhapsodized your rendezvous and why
I hated you for that
Yes, I hated you so bad.

Maybe I was wrong
Maybe it's nobody's fault.
I hoped for prude but you were crude
Although, it is true that I was rude
Would have been a different story
If we crossed paths in a different time.
It's a shame, fate played its game
Wrong time, wrong age, wrong place
But how are we to know
That things will blow on our little nose?
Bygones be bygones
Pondering over long lost times, drenched in thoughts
Pages are torn, poems are lost
I'm writing this canticle for you, my dear love.

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