A Case of Post Conviction

Anxiously we are waiting, while they're investigating.
7 years later, your innocence they're debating.
All of this stress they're creating, it's all so infuriating.
Corrupt courts instigating, falsified evidence, a hundred years deflating. 8 years we've been separated, DNA evidence, they're still negating. Can't it be me they're interrogating. Isn't my testimony crucial to my father's incarceration? I know him better than anyone in the nation. 16 years without traumatic separation, then I got a rude awakening. I kiss you goodnight, day breaks, I awake and my father's been wrongfully taken. He is innocent of the crimes you have accused him of partaking. 16 years and not one hand was laid. He left my mom saving us from her intoxication. And her son's abusive complications, he saw my childhood was wasting. My brother and sister I've been raising, he worked 12-hour days, rent, electric, water all bills he paid. Cooking us dinner to prevent us from starvation, who knew at 13 I'd be ovulating, let alone fornicating.
A grown man impregnating a child disassociating, afraid to tell my dad, I knew he would be mad. I called him in from the waiting area with tear-filled eyes, I break the news, come to find out it wasn't my right to choose. He demanded castration, punish him for his predatorial abuse,
statutory rape or child molestation. DNA evidence proving his manipulation but judge day let him off with criminal endangerment,
Not even a sex offender registration.
A grown man preys on a 13 year old girl, repeatedly assaulting her till she winds up pregnant and you let him off on probation. Forcing me into cohabitation. Dad is the one who protected me from him, free on the streets a monster roamed free. Searching for little girls that glowed, he didn't care how old. In an attempt to deny his crimes he passed blame to my father. CPS believed his lies, hesitation they didn't even bother, they packed my bags and sent me afar, making visits quite hard. I was alone, scared and Pregnant. DNA for my newborn daughter proved that the Predator was at fault, after the adoption my time away from home came to a halt. CPS withdrew their involvement, deciding living with my dad was my safest option.
Over the next two years I shed so many tears, running away when trouble nears, putting my dad through a parent's worst nightmare.
Randomly I'd quietly disappear, searching for the love I lost when my daughter was here. He taught me to take responsibility for the things I do no matter if they're naughty, his need to inspire those around him is actually quite Godly. Always helping in any way he could
treating everybody like somebody. My dad is my mother, there has never been another, a mom, alcohol Smothers yet he encourages me to love her. A beer-battered marriage she prefers, throwing us to the gutter. Losing my dad has affected my life, causing my mind to stutter, worry and grief paralyzing me, and I shudder, hours I've cried wondering why? Would this had been easier if you died? Bombarded with all the letters you have typed, why is it so hard for me to reply? It's like you're a ghost yet alive, sending me inspirational advise. When you're the one locked inside, a space confined. I try to compromise and write you more letters to archive,
two more babies since our last goodbye and i wish you were there through the pain filled sighs. Or be there when I open my eyes and when I feel like no one tries. You taught me to be kind and love the people that, find the time, to look inside my mind, holding on to those who keep me entwined. Forever cherishing the love you've been denied, another appeal will hopefully reveal, the DNA concealed! Your Freedom might become real, helping us heal Reuniting with family is something they can steal.
Anxiously awaiting, Deal or No Deal.

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This Poems Story

This poem I wrote for my father. It's my life. His life wrongful convictions corruption and the affects of parental incarceration