A Cat’s Tale

I'm a furry black cat named Midnight
And Halloween decorations in this yard
Don't scare me.
I'm rubbing my side against the wooden leg
Of a one-eyed pirate monster with a hook for a hand
And it doesn't scare me.
Now I'm prancing by a wart-covered, humped-back butler
Who is offering dead mice and bird innards to trick-or-treaters,
But it doesn't scare me.
I leap to the shoulders of a very large mummy
With blood-red blinking eyes
And it doesn't scare me.
My tail gets tangled in the tattered gray rags of a giant skeleton
But it doesn't scare me.
As I quietly approach the candy bowl
A screaming white ghost jumps out from behind a bush
And it does scare me.
I am still running down the street!

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This Poems Story

Christmas and Halloween were big time celebrations at my house. For both holidays, the decorations outside in the front yard were the most important part. We would set up all of our frightening life-sized Halloween figures on each side of the cement path leading to the front door. But one was always a real person who would scare the pants off trick or treaters. One day, recalling all of our "sidewalk monsters," I wrote "A Cat's Tale." To me poetry is a small amount of words describing big things. That's very powerful and the reason I like to write it so much.