A Challenge

I walk up to the big chalk board, too scared to take a breath,
And in my mind I see a sword, the choice of life and death.

To me this is a thing to fear, it feels like a lost fight,
I'll always think the end is near, unless I get it right.

I face the class in front of me, as my friend hands me chalk,
I see the smiling faces there and hear the words "Good luck."

I pull myself together then, I stand up straight and tall,
I'll have to face the consequence and try hard not to fall.

The teacher puts her glasses on and opens up her book,
I feel so nervous and so lost, a fish that's on a hook.

I try to wiggle off that hook but nothing seems to work,
I hope I don't get reeled right in and eaten with a fork.

My teacher opens up her mouth and asks me, "Six times eight?"
I quickly write it on the board, the answer's forty-eight!

I bite my tongue to not scream "Yes," my challenge has been passed,
And all those worries made a mess, but now they're gone at last.

A simple question, just like that, is only the beginning,
I know that I'll be just as stressed, till bravery wins the inning!

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This Poems Story

This poem was written last year when I was eleven years old. I am originally Russian and I only began speaking English a the end of first grade. This poem was inspired by the challenges I have faced and am facing in and out of school. It symbolizes that I will never, ever give up, no matter how hard the challenge is.