A Change

As you walk down the streets
the streets of
bittersweet Brooklyn
You'll see the homeless men and women laid up on the street
The men on the corners drinking theirs beers
Young teen moms using their food stamps without care
People in the train station begging for train fare
It forces you to wonder what has our nation become?
How do we live in this world where people have no tongue?
No one seems to care anymore how they live

People no longer mind being bums on the street
Or unemployed fathers with fifteen children
They don't mind not having a high school diploma or a college degree
But as I walk, I mind this, I mind this a lot
It's amazing to me how we live in the greatest nation of the world
Yet people are often so insolent, so ignorant and so uneducated
It's shocking how in this age people still don't know how to read
One day this will change
And not only in Brooklyn but all over the world
Some day everyone will be something in this world
But until then let the change begin

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