A Chicago Cubs Fan Prayer

In nomine patri et fili spiritu of Ron Santo!
Let us all give thanks for Ernie Banks!
Let us play, two!
Our Father, who art in Wrigley Field
Hallowed be thy ivy covered Brickhouse walls!
Thy new stadium will come, the owners will be done
On Clark and Addison, to sit in the sun with thy bleacher-bums!
Give us this day our daily dread but remove those lights
That so offend! Forgive us our trespasses and Cubs left on bases
As we forgive those teams who trespass those hallowed places!
Caray us on and win the pennant race, all's we're ask 'in for Lord,
Is a couple a more runs!
Most of us can't afford a dog or beer in here, but a least da
Cops is nice around here!
Lead us not into temptation and deliver us to a World Series,
while were still young! So grab a beer and join the cheer,
Cause we ain't leav'in Wrigley
Till "Yogi" say's it's over in here! AMEN!

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